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הארגון שלנו מייסדים, Gevher סולטן החינוך, מחקר, תרבות ובריאות קרן (GESAV), הוקם בשנת 2007, ואת הקמתה של אוניברסיטת Mevlana החלה מאז, לוקחת את הצעד הראשון בחיים החינוכיים של המדינה שלנו ביולי, 2009. האוניברסיטה שלנו לוקחת את השם מהשליח הבולט של ערכים הומניטריים אוניברסליים זה, האזרת Mevlana ג'לאלודין רומי, שכפי שזה מטרה סופית להיות אחת מהאוניברסיטאות המובילות מנקודת המבט של איכות בחינוך, התרבות, אמנות, כמו גם הבין דיאלוג תרבות, פעילויות שלום וסובלנות בשילוב עם מחקר ופרסום מדעיים.

חוק העזר 114 של חוק מספר 5193, שפורסם בילקוט הפרסומים מיום 2009/07/07, יוצא הארגון של האוניברסיטה שלנו, שהוקם על ידי סולטן Gevher חינוך, מחקר, תרבות ובריאות קרן. ישנם שש פקולטות, אחד מכללה, בית הספר מקצועי אחד, שלושה המכונים ומרכזי שני.

יחידות אקדמיות בתרשים הארגון - הפקולטה להנדסה - מכללה למדעי בריאות טיפוח - הפקולטה לחינוך - בית הספר מקצועי - הפקולטה למשפטים - מכון למדעים - הפקולטה לניהול - המכון למדעי חברה - הפקולטה לרפואה - מכון למדעי בריאות

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  • אנגלית

תנאי קבלה ודרישות

Important Information Applicants may be examined in electronically, orally or as testing by University. The applications are assessed by the “Commission for Assessing the International Students” formed by President. The validity time of university entrance exams is for 2 years. The grades are converted into 100 and assessed accordingly. The commission can determine substitute quotas as many as the actual quotas. In the event that the quotas are not filled in, or there are not enough applicants for a program, the unfilled and unapplied quotas can be added to the other programs by the university. “An Acceptance Letter” is sent to the accepted candidates. The acceptance letters are sent via e-mail, the e-mail addresses in the application forms should be filled thoroughly and legibly. All the documents have to be in Turkish or English, or have to be translated by a government agency. The university is not responsible from the events of tardiness or loss during the correspondence. All the responsibility caused by mistakes in the application forms belongs to the candidates. As the form will help the application procedure to be easy and accurate, the forms have to be filled legibly or typed in a computer. ID information part of the form has to be typed without any change or abbreviation, in capital letters and legibly. Even one document misses among the application documents, and then the application shall be regarded invalid. The documents to be sent by mail have to be put in the same envelope. Mevlana University will not take any responsibility to follow the different envelopes. Any forgery in the documents will lead to the cancellation of the application and placement of the students even if the final registration is done. The assessment of the applications and the placement of the candidates are completely at the discretion of Mevlana University. The university is free to fill the quotas or not. Meeting the application requirements does not necessarily require acceptance for placement. “An Acceptance Letter” will be sent to the candidates whose applications are accepted. The candidates should go to the Turkish Embassy in their country or the nearest one together with the acceptance letter and take a study visa. This visa is certainly required to enter Turkey and to be registered to the university.

מידע שימושי

Medium of Education Medium of education at Mevlana University is Turkish and English. Therefore the students who cannot submit a proficiency exam record in Turkish or English, accepted by Mevlana University, will have to take a proficiency test in Turkish or English. Those who fail these exams will attend English or Turkish preparatory school for 1 year.

The students, who submit a valid exam record in these proficiency tests, during the registration process, will be exempt from the preparatory school and they will start directly the program they have enrolled in. These exams are valid for three years.

The Turkish Proficiency Exams that are valid and the scores required

A level from the Turkish Test in the YÖS (the Examination for the Foreign Students) (valid for two years) A TÖMER certificate or a document showing that the student has successfully completed a Turkish language course A document stating that the student has received his high school education in a country where Turkish is spoken as the native language along with the citizens of the country A document stating the student has successfully finished the Turkish preparatory program in another university. The English Proficiency Exams that are valid and the scores required

70 from TOEFL IBT 5.5 from Academic IELTS exam A document showing the student has received an equivalent or higher grade from other international exams A document stating the student has successfully finished the English preparatory program in another university. A document stating that the student has received his high school education in a country where English is spoken as the native language along with the citizens of the country

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